Pilot Draws Monstrous 50KM Dong Over NZ For Testicular Cancer Awareness

Look, if you’re going to do something for cancer awareness, you may as well do it by using an aircraft to draw an unfathomably humungous penis over the skies of Auckland.

Pilot and advertising agency owner Vaughn Davis described the wang-shape in his plane on Saturday to celebrate the launch of a website for a new testicular awareness campaign that asks men to map out a big ol’ dick and balls using fitness apps.
Vaughn used the GPS in his four-seat Piper Arrow to draw the 50km penis – apparently, he was chosen because Testicular Cancer NZ had seen him accidentally create one over Wellington in October.
The dingus itself was the result of meticulous planning and calculation, which included having to get permission from the NZ military to fly through restricted airspace:
“I spent about 30 minutes on top of my usual pre-flight planning identifying a route that would give the desired result.

“As my flight was tracked continuously by radar I had to make sure that I kept precisely to the planned track, any deviation would have shown up in the finished image.”
Look at this incredible cyclopean beast:
Source: Stuff.co.nz.
Photo: Flight Rader.