It feels particularly auspicious for us to preview the following story about Kym Ellery and Phoebe Tonkin on International Women’s Day, two talented women who happen to be good friends and each others mutual support network.
Clare Press writes about the friendship between the burgeoning actress and internationally acclaimed designer and their parallel career trajectories in America for this weekend’s issue of Sunday Style, the new style-centric (duh) lift out for the The Sunday Telegraph and the Sunday Herald Sun.
Kym enlisted Phoebe to appear in the 2013 Resort collection campaign for her eponymous label ELLERY and, as you can see, serves as an amazing ambassador for the brand:

Phoebe looks good in ELLERY because, well, it’s pretty obvious, that pout, the amazing skin… The “Jessica Rabbit quality” is what Kym calls it, but says the main appeal lies in Phoebe’s attitude. “When Phoebe’s rocking her own clothes she’s relaxed, even tomboyish. She’s beautiful and humble. She’s on the rise with her career but she’s not caught up – we love that!”.
Last January Tonkin “couldn’t find a thing to wear” to the Golden Globes after party at The Beverley Hilton hotel. “I ended up going in my school formal dress from five year’s ago. Does that count as vintage?” This year she wore a $5,000 silver ELLERY dress thanks to her friendship and starring role in the resort campaign. Tonkin say’s “My formal dress was pretty” “but its time to move on”.
The formal dress:

And move on she has. Tonkin has shot a pilot for new US television series The Originals, a spinoff from The Vampire Diaries, the series largely responsible for launching her career in Hollywood. The images accompanying the Sunday Style feature were shot the day before Phoebe flew out of Australia to record the pilot, photographed by Stephen Ward and styled by Meg Gray. Naturally the girls are both dressed in ELLERY.
“This doesn’t feel like work,” says Ellery smiling. “It’s easy dressing Pheobe.” Indeed.