PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Pepsi Max Vanilla to add a bit of flavour to your photo game and have you jet-setting off to NYC.

There’s something strangely uniting about a good selfie spot – no matter whether you go MET Gala glam on the reg or you vaguely resemble a gremlin in your trackies, a primo selfie spot welcomes us all with open arms and bloody beautiful lighting.

And now, hand in hand with all your mates (no matter their aesthetic), you’ll soon be able to trek out to Bondi and Southbank to take a selfie at the Pepsi Max Vanilla Love Wall. Designed by the talented AF muralist James Goldcrown, this wall is a version of the original Love Walls that have been popping up all over the US.

These brand spankin’ new Pepsi Max Vanilla-inspired walls are the ultimate Insta backdrop. Plus, if you pop up your 10/10 selfie on Insta with the hashtag #PepsiMaxVanillaWall, you could win yourself a trip to see the originals in New York.

So if you’re looking to grab a selfie, a free taste test of Pepsi Max Vanilla and a chance to win a trip, here’s where you gotta go:

  • 16th to 19th August at Bondi Beach (in front of Bondi Pavilion), NSW
  • 23rd to 26th August at Southbank Spillway, VIC

And don’t forget, for a chance to jet-set across the globe to the Big Apple and see the original Love Walls with your own art-loving eyeballs, just chuck your totally bomb selfie on Insta with the hashtag #PepsiMaxVanillaWall, follow @PEDESTRIANTV and make sure your profile is on public.

So get the heck down to Bondi or Southbank and you could score yourself a pretty sweet trip to New York, all for taking the selfies you were 100% going to take anyway. It’s a win-win, pals.

Image: Instagram / @jgoldcrown