Pauline Hanson Says Soz For Her Certifiably Batshit Comment About Vaccines

Look, there are probably a lot of beliefs, opinions and public statements Pauline Hanson should apologise for, but this is a good start. After the firestorm around Pauline’s remarks about vaccines, she’s admitted she was wrong on a couple of key facts. Really now?

Her apology is quite specific: she apologises for saying that parents should subject their children to some kind of vaccine allergy test before vaccinating them. The big problem with her making that recommendation is that no such test actually exists.
Michael Gannon, president of the Australian Medical Association, confirmed to Sky News the day after Hanson’s remarks that “there is no such test.”

Well, turns out Pauline has finally cottoned on to the fact she told her legions of followers to subject their kids to a non-existent medical test, and has apologised for – to put it lightly – making shit up.

“I have heard a couple of doctors have said that there is no test,” she says. “I do apologise. If that be the case, I am wrong. I was of the opinion that I did read that that was the case. Apparently it’s not.”

Hanson maintains her reasoning for making the remarks is still her opposition to government meddling, and that parents should have the right to decide whether they inoculate their children against deadly communicable diseases which could wreak havoc on the community.

“It’s a personal decision. I just want parents to make sure that they do the right thing by the children,” she told Sunrise.
“Vaccinations have controlled a lot of diseases. I admit that. As far as having tests done, I admit I was wrong with that. I think it has been blown completely out of proportion.”

Thanks Pauline. Now if you could apologise and renounce the racist stuff I reckon we’re good as gold. Ta.
Photo: Getty Images.