Bless Your Insta Followers With These Stupidly Pretty Pastels

Look, we all know it’s fun to pretend you’re this rock-solid, hardened human who oozes hardcore energy and probably dresses exclusively in black – it’s a mood, we get it. But we defy anyone to tell us that exuding that kind of ‘don’t mess with me’ vibe means you can’t secretly (or not-so-secretly) froth all things pastel.

Unwrap your chunky knit scarf from around your ears, finish your long black, take out your headphones and listen up. It’s time to take down the image you’ve curated of a dark-souled gremlin – at least online. A secret pink-toned life awaits you.

Embrace the pastel fiend within and check out these luxe Instagram accounts so that you can have a floaty lil’ haven in your pocket, full of blush hues and lavender accents and yep, you’re damn right there are sweets in there too.

Settle into your seat, grab a frothy NESCAFÉ cappuccino for some sippin’ and study these accounts so you can turn your own into a pastel paradise.

1. @fluffegram

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Got a hankering for some sugary pastel goodness? That’s probs because you’ve just seen a pic from Fluffe pop up on your feed. These fairy floss faves have one of the most heavenly and delightfully pastel-hued photo grids on the app.

You can achieve a similar look by indulging in that sweet tooth and chowing down on ALL OF THE SWEETS! After you’ve taken an Insta-worthy image, obvs.

2. @gabdetails

Gabriele Colzi is a ‘grammer from Italy who, let’s face it, lives the life that we’ve all lusted after for approximately 37 millennia. You don’t need to understand Italian to appreciate the pastel goodness, seriously.

Obviously we can’t all jet-set off to Italy on a moment’s notice (if only), but make sure you’re out and about at the right time of day (dawn and dusk are best) so that the sky has this blend of colours.

3. @xuzzi

Otherwise known as Mr Pink – yeah he’s dedicated to the pastel life and since the above photo he’s dyed his hair to match. Millennial pink is a serious theme in his feed and we’re not mad about it.

This is actually not as difficult to achieve as you’d think (and you can leave your strands un-dyed if you prefer). Just pick one colour that you want to be your consistent theme, and integrate that in some way in each post.

4. @local_milk

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Beth Kirby is a photographer as well as a cook, so she knows what she’s doing when it comes to curating an 10/10 pastel Insta. It’s super cool toned, which makes us love her even more.

It also shows how important tone is – you can have a bunch of pastel shots but if they’re a mish-mash of cool and warm toned pastels it still won’t look as put together as it should.

5. @sweetbakeshop

We did warn you there’d be sweets, and oh god we’re so hungry. This is a need. Givvus that bright pop of lemony goodness.

Hope you’re happy to rock some oven mitts and get funky with some frosting, friends – that’s how you can manage an account like this one.

6. @sienabow

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This flat lay queen knows exactly how to frame a plate to make your stomach grumble and your eyes widen with how well she integrates pastel.

Get a few key pieces around your home that you can use to flat lay – whether that’s a washcloth, cutlery, coloured NESCAFÉ sachet, bubblegum or whatever takes your fancy!

So, now that you’re squarely back on the pastel train, you might even be tempted to integrate the hues into your *gasp* actual human life. It doesn’t have to be anything major (complete wardrobe upheavals are spenno so ya know, baby steps), so start small with a bit of added colour around your home, maybe even a splash on your person by way of ice-cream earrings.

And don’t forget to zhoosh up your kitchen with sachets in your preferred pigment and flavour – that’s one room down easy – plus if you garnish with some fairy floss on top you could even recreate one of Fluffe’s creations and impress your mates with how ~creative~ you are.

Then take your cup out and snag a sunset shot to boot. Simples.

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Thank you for all the small things like pastel dusk skies and a cup of NESCAFÉ. #Mugwithaview #Coffeelove #Nescafé

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