Thanks to our well-coiffed pals at Oyster here’s a preview of their issue #96 cover story with UK starlet Daisy Lowe, a model who they describe as “vivacious…hilarious…smart and self-aware”. The issue doesn’t hit newsstands til Friday but you can check out a sneak peek (or is that snake peek?) at Lowe’s interview below…

From Oyster #96, available Friday.

“I really love Oyster,” she gushes. “Oh, and by the way, thanks for getting me to play with snakes!” She admits that she didn’t sleep a wink the night before the shoot – even with the shaman-blessed, negative-thought-deterring crystals beside her bed, her mind was filled with images of snakes constricting her body before swallowing it whole. “But once I got there, there was no point in being afraid,” she adds, matter-of-factly. “So I just went there and played with them, and it was FUN – until they brought out the creepy albino one with the red eyes.”

Despite what you may be thinking at this point, Lowe’s no babbling, over- the-top airhead. She is certainly vivacious and, quite frankly, hilarious, but she’s also smart and self-aware – not exactly traits I might initially have associated with a Playboy centrefold. In fact, Lowe doesn’t embody any of the model stereotypes that you might have stored in your head. For instance, she tells me that when she was younger, she wanted to be a drycleaner. She grins, fully aware of the irony in the statement. “Are you fucking kidding me?” I say. “Look at you!” She laughs loudly and slaps her knee. “Well, look, I wanted to be a lot of things,” she explains, while picking up the fidgety mop of white hair she calls a dog and patting him lovingly. She rattles off a list that covers everything from archaeologist to marine biologist, and even “Psy-cho-an-a-ly-tics – anything to do with the brain, really.”

Photography: Will Davidson, Creative Direction: Stevie Dance, Words: Zac Bayly, Hair: Chi Wong using TIGI, Make-up: Hiromi Ueda using M.A.C Cosmetics, Photographic Assistant: Guy Lowndes, Digital Operator: Ben McConnell, Fashion Assistants: Chrissy Jordan and Sasha Kelly, Hair Assistant: Jamie McCormick, Retouching: Morph Retouch, Production: Lucie Newbegin @ MAP, Model: DAiSy LoWe @ Next London. Special thanks to Amazing Animals and Provision Studios.

Title Image by Anthony Harvey