Fashion careens from ‘necessary’ to ‘baffling’ at the best of times, but these new jeans really take the sartorial cake.

Opening Ceremony have released a $600 pair of detachable cut-out jeans, presumably for those days when it’s a bit nippy out but you’re having a really good upper-thigh / under-arse day and just wanna show them bad boys off.

The great thing about this pair of jeans is they also detach into a nice little pair of shorts, if by ‘shorts’ you mean ‘adult denim diaper’ and by ‘nice’ you mean ‘even the most avant-garde fashion blogger would raise their eyebrows in quiet disapproval. 

Obviously, these denim monstrosities have been going down online as well as you might expect.

But the real good news is: if they’re not for you, then perhaps the same pants in black denim, or even Opening Ceremony’s garter-style strap jeans might be more your fancy?

Alternatively, you can burn everything in your closet and start again. Do that.

Photos: Opening Ceremony.