Opening Ceremony Know Where The Wild Things Are

It’s hard to remember another movie that has created so much hype before it’s actual release but you can’t deny the nostalgic excitement in the air.

First a killer director, then a killer soundtrack. Now, Where the Wild Things Are has a killer real-life, ready-to-wear wardrobe that will make you the envy of any green eyed monster.

Jumping on the fashion bandwagon headed straight for Success Town, Opening Ceremony have created a limited edition collection inspired by the soon-to-be-cult-classic Where the Wild Things Are.

The limited edition clothing and jewelry line that debuted online and in stores on Monday, features a full range of faux fur pieces for both men and woman that evoke the adventure and playfulness of Max and his furry friends.

Included in the collection is a big-kid version of Max’s white playsuit, complete with eared hood and tail that will sell like hot cakes once the hugely anticipated movie hits screens. Other highlights that will have us licking our lips are the US$220 †Alexander mini skirt’ and the US$895 †Max Lined Parka’ with Pamela Love’s spiny, savage jewelry soon to follow.

Screw the standard denim cut offs and gladiators- I know what I’ll be wearing to Parklife. My Max playsuit is bound to get me some street cred.

Check out Opening Ceremony for more.