With under a month until the Federal Budget arrives, it’s now that the One Nation‘s band of stringless puppets in the senate go from being a curious annoyance to profoundly fucking dangerous in a big hurry.

Case in point: The party has launched an extraordinary attack on the national broadcaster the ABC, threatening to withdraw support from Government bills in the Upper House unless Malcolm Turnbull eviscerates the network’s funding, and even going so far as to outright accuse it of colluding with terrorism to knowingly and maliciously put the security of the country at risk.

Oh boy.

Human whiteboard eraser/kid voted ‘Most Likely to Dob You Into the Teachers Because You Won’t Stop Picking Him Last at Lunchtime Footy Even Though He Runs Like a Wobbly Chair‘ Senator Malcolm Roberts has gone off in Parliament today, directly accusing the ABC of colluding with ISIS over the revelation of a planned trip to the Middle East.

The ‘7:30 Report‘ and reporter Andrew Probyn revealed details of the planned trip to Afghanistan, which would’ve included a parliamentary delegation comprised of two Government, two opposition, and mystifyingly two One Nation MPs.

That extremely factual journalistic report has been interpreted by One Nation as an attack on the very fabric of the nation, and clear evidence that the ABC is in bed with the Islamic State.

Roberts, in the senate earlier today, spoke these actual words out of his mouth:

“Their ABC put our digger’s lives at risk so as to execute a political hit on Senator Hanson. The ABC have declared Jihad on Aussie diggers. They have a fatwa on Pauline Hanson.”

“The ABC’s actions in revealing the ANZAC day visit to diggers shows their willingness to collude with ISIS and other terrorists in identifying Australian targets, including troops. The ABC has for a long time been harbingers of terror apologists. This proves their Jihad sympathy.”

“Just like an ISIS attack, the cowards make their hit and then scuttle away into the sand. Like snakes.”


This extraordinary tirade came on the same day that fellow One Nation MP Brian Burston revealed that the party has threatened to withdraw support for Coalition bills in Parliament unless it slashes a whopping $600million in funding from the ABC in next month’s Federal Budget.

Burston and party chief of staff James Ashby lashed the broadcaster in an interview with The Guardian, asserting that the public broadcaster was “attacking mainstream and right-of-centre political parties instead of being balanced,” in a tired, trodden-in line that asserts that their version of “balanced” reporting is one where they’re never criticised ever and praised endlessly for every bullshit thing they do. Burston even asser

Meanwhile Ashby took the attack further, taking aim at the SBS for featuring too much “gay-related content,” questioning why the broadcaster would ever support the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, and asserting that it focuses too much on multiculturalism rather than programs about Australia and how to be Australian.

“We want one culture because people come to Australia to become Australian. If you want to find out about life in your home country you can do that online. There’s decent enough internet at libraries and at home – it’s not expensive.”

Minister for Finance Matthias Cormann, for his part, rebuffed the bloviating nonsense from One Nation, asserting that budget measures are formed on the Government’s own judgment. Whatever the hell that means.

“Any budget-repair measures will be developed, as always, based on the government’s judgment of what is in the public interest. That is the only consideration for the government when developing budget-repair measures.”

Budget night might be one of those “everyone hold hands” kinda deals, pals. Brace yrselves.

Source: SBS News.