Not too long ago a Doughnut Time moved in quite literally around the corner from my house, and since then it has been a very dangerous and delicious time. How the hell could anyone hope to maintain some sort of proper diet when there’s ample Veruca Salt doughnuts on hand a literal short stroll away? (Unrelated note: If any Doughnut Time PR types happen to be reading this, it’s the Fitzroy store on Brunswick St. I like anything that doesn’t have chocolate/cocoa in it. My favour is remarkably easy to curry).

But I digress.

Australian shores are soon to be blessed with the action-packed and utterly joyful ‘Adventure Time LIVE!‘ tour, which kicks off in Melbourne on Friday (!!!), and to celebrate the kind, good, sugary folk at Doughnut Time have teamed up with Cartoon Network and gone deep into the show’s pile of references, cooking up something truly quite special.

The store today lifted the cloche on the magnificent-looking Bacon Pancake Doughnut, which is a combination of three words that should send both your loins and your arteries a-quiver.

The magnificent – if not somewhat diabolical – creations have been christened “It’s Always Adventure Time” and sport a yellow-topped maple glaze surrounding a standard doughnut, with the whole thing finished off with hand-made sprinkles and caramelised bacon pancake crumble. My goodness.

You’ll be able to shove them down into your face hole for a limited time only as of tomorrow (March 9th) at all Doughnut Time stores nationwide.

Adventure Time LIVE!‘ – which features live appearances from the voice cast, on-stage readings, cosplay contests, and other assorted fan awesomeness – hits up Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Tickets are still available for all three, and all the show info you could want can be found over at the show’s website.


On repeat. Forever.

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