Early this year, a 9 News desk was caught up in a whirlwind of accidental live footage, white shirts, and temper tantrums. 

Yes, we are of course talking about Amber Sherlock’s HUGELY ICONIC meltdown over her, a colleague, and a guest all wearing white shirts during a broadcast

It was a glorious story. It truly was. We thought to ourselves, ‘well, it’s a lesson to be learned, they’ll never do that again!’.

But maybe not, because in a story on Monday night, Sherlock was joined by fashion writer Kellie Alderman, and Adelaidean colleague Kate Collins

Collins clearly got Amber‘s Very Important Wardrobe Memo™, but unfortunately Kellie did not. And she rocked up wearing the exact same colour top / dress that Sherlock was. 

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford was one of the first to point out that Alderman is wearing a seemingly mismatched blue jacket over her dress:

And plenty of others noticed too:

While some thought that Sherlock’s wardrobe/set demands were getting even worse than the ‘white shirt’ incident:

There’s no comment yet (obviously), but we’ll let you know. Bless you all for your very good jokes.

Source: Twitter / @mrpford

Photo: 9 News.