NT Champion Raises $69 For Stolen Pluggers, But Decides To Donate The Lot

Here’s a bloody good news story in amongst the murk of everything else for ya.

An absolute top shelf champion, one of the highest bloody order, from the Northern Territory has not only successfully managed to raise the funds to replace a pair of dearly beloved pluggers, thieved by clearly villainous scum, but he’s gone and decided to chuck the whole lot to a much more charitable cause.
Clancy Whalan, a fisho from the Darwin area, set up a GoFundMe campaign to replace the pair of flash thongs he had lifted after a particularly frothy fishing trip a couple of weeks back.
After heading out on an 8-hour trip with his boys Shoddy, Big Hands, and Hot Beers (I weep at how good this is already), Whalan was forced to leave his fancy pluggers behind on shore, due to some superstitions about footwear in the tinnie.

“They don’t like thongs on the boat. They consider it bad luck, so I decided to leave them next to a rock on the boat ramp.”

Unfortunately, by the time the lads returned, the thongs were nowhere to be seen.

“I came back about eight hours later – and I wasn’t as sober as when I’d left – and the thongs are gone.”

And believe me, these weren’t your regular, run-of-the-mill servo pair of thongs either. These were the real deal. The genuine bloody article.

“These ones have bottle openers on the bottom of them. They’re good.”

“I’d had them for at least two years. They were actually my backup thongs as I lost my new thongs a few weeks earlier. I’d left them on a mate’s boat on Beer Can Regatta Day.”

Again, I WEEP. This is too good.

Clance, being the industrious bloke that he is, decided to give this fangled “crowdfunding” thing a crack to raise some dosh for a replacement pair. Much to his surprise, the campaign cruised to its goal of $69.

“I thought it would be a bit of a laugh. I didn’t think anyone would put any money towards it, but $69 has been raised.”

Whilst the comments from donators have been urging him to splurge out and get himself a flash new set of wheels, Clancy has apparently had other ideas.

Perhaps a little overwhelmed at people’s generosity, he’s apparently gonna use the money for a much more noble cause.
“There’s a story I read the other day about a young family who lost their mother to a spider bite. I think they’re more needing of the money than me, so I’ll give it to them.”

“As soon as I figure out how the site works, I’ll pass the money on.”

Clance, you’re an absolute bloody champion, mate. The country could definitely do with more cobbers like you.

We sincerely hope that your next pair of rubbery keds does the job for you; not only in the bottle-opening department, but in the durability stakes as well.
After all, we could all use a pair of…

Here’s bloody to ya.

Source: ABC News.
Photo: GoFundMe.