One of the most essential things you should remember if you happen to be the Police Minister of New South Wales is that the community will probably not endorse you doing crimes. Do not do crimes. Just don’t. It is not a good look.

Police minister Troy Grant yesterday confessed to a driving offence and asked cops to issue him with an infringement notice after he was caught committing a highly relatable crime: taking a photo of a particularly funny-looking sheep while driving. We’ve all been there, Troy.
Specifically, it was a photo of a sheep crammed into the back of a station wagon, which he was foolish enough to post to Twitter:
Let’s be real here: there was no plausible deniability here. This is like a Snapchat driver’s seat selfie in terms of culpability. Anyone with a pair of eyes can tell you he’s driving.
Grant faces a $325 fine and the loss of four demerit points – which has gotta sting for a dude who spends a good portion of his time advocating for road safety messages. 
He issued a statement to the Daily Telegraph:

Sitting stationary with the engine off at a road works site is no excuse to use a mobile phone. As Police Minister I work hard to promote road safety and work with the police to campaign for better driver behaviour, including most recently for the launch of Operation Westforce. I’ve contacted the NSW Police to issue me with any appropriate infringement notice, and I hope my experience can serve as a reminder to others.
Righto. The pic’s not even that funny dude.
Source: Daily Telegraph.
Photo: Getty Images.