Nice. NICE. A bloke in NewcastleNew South Wales has become a millionaire after finding a 13-month old Lotto ticket while cleaning his car.

The grandfather – who hasn’t been identified – bought the ticket on Saturday 9 January 216, but obviously lost it somewhere in his Aldi shopping bag, which then stayed in the back of his car.

“I line the bottom of my reusable Aldi shopping bags with old beer cartons to give them some strength,”
he said.
“The ticket was hidden in underneath it and I didn’t know it was there.

“I was cleaning rubbish out of my car on the weekend and thought it was time to put new cartons in the bottom of all my bags as they were starting to get torn and I got quite a surprise!”

He admitted he’d been “a bit stupid” by misplacing and forgetting about the $1,020,496 ticket for a solid 414 days (and holyjesuschrist do I wish I could say “same”).

“I’m glad I didn’t just get the old bags and take them to the dump!”
he said. “I’ve done some pretty stupid things in my time!”


Just last month, NSW Lotto had urged people to check their tickets in an effort to find the “missing millionaire”.

Nextra Marketown Newsagency even had signs up in the store about the unclaimed mill. (They’re stoked it’s finally been claimed, saying that “it’s like winning the Lotto ourselves!” even though it objectively isn’t. )

The Newcastle bloke plans to use the money to help his kids out with house repayments and his grandkids with their education, which is extremely sweet and cool. “It will smooth the troubled water in front of them,” he said. Awww, shucks. Take granddad out for a beer, kids.

Photo: My Name Is Earl.