Noted Racist Donald Sterling: “I Am Not A Racist… I Was Baited By The Girl”

Ham-fisted octogenarian and noted racist Donald Sterling can’t stop and/or won’t stop saying unintelligibly awful things. Today’s come courtesy of an interview with CNN’s resident silver fox Anderson Cooper in which the disgraced hopefully soon-to-be former LA Clippers owner says that despite evidence to the contrary he is “not a racist” and that he “was baited” by “the girl” who “had [him] say those things.” 
Nearly two weeks after receiving a $2.5 million fine and life ban from the NBA, Sterling has made his first public appearance to clear the impenetrably stale, undeniably racist air that has descended around comments he made to lure adept visor and microphone user V. Stiviano into bed, telling Cooper in an as-yet unaired interview, “When I listen to that tape, I don’t even know how I can say words like that… I don’t know why the girl had me say those things.” 
“I was baited. I mean, that’s not the way I talk”, continues Sterling, wantonly flouting the first law of holes [that is, if you find yourself in one, stop digging]. “I don’t talk about people for one thing, ever. I talk about ideas and other things. I don’t talk about people.”
“I’m not a racist. I made a terrible, terrible mistake. And I’m here with you today to apologise and to ask for forgiveness for all the people that I’ve hurt. The reason it’s hard for me, very hard for me, is that I’m wrong. I caused the problem.”
Sterling continues that while he doesn’t know how to correct the problems he has caused by expressly conveying that he doesn’t want to be seen associating with African Americans, he says he has twice spoken with Magic Johnson, whom he now refers to as a “good person.” 
This being Donald Sterling however, he finds it necessary to extrapolate – probably because he’s been baited to do so – by saying, “I mean, what am I going to say? Has he done everything he can do to help minorities? I don’t think so. But I’ll say it, he’s great. But I don’t think he’s a good example for the children of Los Angeles.” 
One way to correct those problems, or prevent problems of a similar nature from arising in the near future? Just stop.
via CNN
Photo: Robyn Beck via Getty