Not To Be Outdone By Kanye, Drake Unveils His Own Latest Signature Kicks

Things we learned yesterday: People go absolutely BATSHIT INSANE for shoes.

Full on, completely, totally, maximum BOONTA for feet planks.
The line for Kanye West‘s newest signature Yeezy Boost 350‘s at Sydney’s Incu Mens store has been waiting patiently for tomorrow’s release date since Monday – camping out in the hopes of getting their hands on a pair of the ultra-limited keds, with the store only carrying around 44 pairs.
And if this kinda footwear mania holds trend, today we’ve gotten a first official look at the new line starter, courtesy of October’s Very Own.
Drake has officially unveiled the latest edition in his signature shoe line – the (apparently) long-rumoured OVO x Air Jordan VIII.
The man born Aubrey Graham launched his collaboration with the iconic Air Jordan brand back in April with a super limited pop-up store selling OVO Air Jordan 10s, pairs of which have been going on eBay for thousands of dollars (the shoe hits the open market in September), and this new addition to the line expands on that.
Drake took to Instagram to give us a sneak peek at the 8s, in black and white colour variants, with the OVO owl on the heel, and a pair of cross-straps emblazoned with the phrase “6IX YEARS.”


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A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

OVO “6IX YEAR” 8’s ??

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I’m not trying to tell Drizzy how to do his business here or anything. I’m just saying that a line of Wheelchair Jimmy signature shoes would be a license to print money.
No word yet on when the OVO 8s will be available (and in what numbers), but if you’re keen on them then your best bet is to probably bin all life requirements immediately and pitch a tent outside your nearest proprietor of fine footwear.

Photo: Vaughn Ridley via Getty Images.

via Complex.