Behold The Aggressively Pink Pantaloons Of Norway’s Olympic Curling Team

Regardless of the medallion-based outcome, Norway‘s curling team have already won something at the Winter Olympics.

And that, folks, is our hearts.

The entire team have swept the world off their feeties by wearing the loudest possible pants during their time in Pyeongchang.

Featuring a smattering of hearts in a varying, aggressive pinks, the stunning pantaloons are shaking up the traditionally traditional game.

The Norwegian curlers have made a name for themselves with their ‘party pants’ since skip Thomas Ulsrud began the trend with an offensive chequered pair in 2010 in Vancouver.

Speaking to the ABC, chief pants fan and boss of the dedicated pants appreciation Facebook pageAnthony D’Orazio, said his almost 500k-strong fanbase should be bracing themselves for more pants-based tomfoolery in the coming days.

“I know for a fact we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg, they’ve got 12 pairs of pants ready for the Olympics,” D’Orazio said. “They suit the team’s personality very well.”

D’Orazio reckons the Valentine’s Day-inspired dacks have triggered an upswing in interest in the sport.

“It’s a sport on the fringe of sport, but the pants have raised that profile,” D’Orazio continued. “It’s having a real impact.”

Now they is some pants worth celebrating.