eBay’s Seen A 200% Spike In Silver Chain Sales Thanks To Connell In ‘Normal People’

'Normal People'
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Connell Waldron and his wildly popular chain in Stan’s Normal People have caused silver chain sales to bloody skyrocket on eBay since airing.

New stats from eBay showed a 209% increase in silver curb chains purchases on April 29, 2 days after the show aired. Additionally, the show’s premiere week resulted in a 58% increase in silver chain sales, in comparison to the week prior.

It’s no secret that Connell’s chain has become one of the breakout stars from the show. A couple days back, we reported on an Instagram page that was dedicated entirely to the now-beloved chain. The ‘gram had amassed 14k followers at the point, but now that eager following has more than tripled to boast over 43k followers. Not bad for a simple curb chain, hey?

Sales of Normal People copies have also increased by 356% on eBay, proving that we all simply can’t get enough of the all the horniness.

Chains aside, the show has been praised for its display of sexual consent and its unique take on the complicated realities of modern-era dating. You can binge is to your heart’s content on Stan right now.

Wanna actually buy some chains? Here are a few eBay specials for ya.

Silver Curb Chain, from $5.95
Silver Curb Chain, from $20.99

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