Noble SA Wonder Pup Saves 55 Y.O. Owner By Getting Help After Cliff Misshap

The debate about cats versus dogs is totally played out. It’s been a rich source comedy material ever since we first horrifically twisted the genetics of wolves to make adorable pets like some sort of reverse Sauron. If anything, we should stop doing it for one simple reason: dogs are just way better. It is not at all contentious.
Don’t get me wrong, I love cats. Having a cat that hangs out with you when you do quiet stuff is dope, but they are completely useless the rest of the time. Dogs are a 24/7 friend – they will lie down with you when you’re feeling chill, they will play with you when you’re not feeling chill, and, most importantly, they will save your life.
While a cat treats every emergency as a good opportunity for you to possibly die and become a bountiful source of meat, dogs are somehow just born with a Lassie-esque ability to both sense and respond to a crisis. Take Abby, the red heeler who went and got help after her 55-year-old owner broke her leg on a cliff in South Australia‘s Yorke Peninsula.
Sue Pethick slipped down a cliff face at Gleesons Landing while out walking with Abby yesterday afternoon. She was rescued after Abby ran back to their campsite by herself, before leading Sue’s husband Michael to the cliff where the fall happened:
“When I saw Abby on the sand dune and Sue wasn’t with her, I knew something wasn’t right.

“I called her to me and she came running over. I said to her ‘take me to where mum is’ and she started to trot off on this little track.”
Abby stopped at a car park near where the cliff was:
“She just stopped there and kept on looking down and looking at me.

“By the time I got within 20 or 30 metres out, I started calling out and I could hear Sue’s voice and she said ‘I can’t move’.”
After noticing she was injured, Michael ran until he had mobile reception so he could call emergency services as two women who had been doing surf lessons nearby kept Sue company.
It took two hours for Sue to be brought back to the top of the cliff, where she was airlifted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.
Abby was apparently not too stoked about leaving without mum:
“I could sense that she just wasn’t comfortable with me driving off without Sue.

“She’s certainly a little hero now — I’ve just pulled a big bone out of the freezer, so when that defrosts she’ll get that.”
Dogs are just so good.
Source: ABC.
Photo: Facebook / Michael Pethick.