From this to this?

Since its establishment in the 1930’s, the French fashion house of Nina Ricci has vested itself as a brand instilled with Parisian chic, refining the realms of the romantic and the feminine.

Much discussion has enveloped of late around the renowned label. Brewing since December of last year, there have been notions towards the raven haired marvel, Olivier Theyskens (not easy to say three times quickly) departure from Nina Ricci.

The Belgian designer has heralded the role of Artistic Director since 2007 after leaving his post as Creative Director of Rochas once its fashion division was discontinued. Theyskens has since gained critical commendation on his dreamy designs and has established a high profile celebrity following. The UK Telegraph has said, ‘Theyskens, a visionary designer with a compelling, fairytale and, at times, Gothic, approach to clothes, is one of the more fascinating younger figures on the fashion stage.’ Although gaining editorial acclaim, Theyskens’ designs haven’t always translated into sales.

Englishman Peter Copping (who hails from designing under Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton) is rumoured to be next in line once Theyskens embarks his current throne. Unlike Theyskens, ‘if nothing else, he’s guaranteed a pedigree in how to make money with fashion — Louis Vuitton is not exactly known for losing money as both Ricci and Rochas did with Olivier at the helm.

Theyskens’ contract is up in October 09 but this by no way means that he will stay until then, especially when there is talk of conflict between him and Ricci’s management.

In many aspects during these tough economic times we have become accustomed to movement. Let’s hope that this movement, if it eventuates, will be a favorable one. I mean, it’s just fashion, non? C’est La Vie – it’s all about the money, honey.

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