Nike Recruits Virgil Abloh, Travis Scott & More To Create New Air Force 1’s

Get ready for this blow to your idea of how old you are – Nike Air Force 1‘s turn 35 this year. Holy. Shit.

The iconic sneaker design from 1982 has barely changed – although numerous colour-ways have been produced – and it remains one of the most popular styles for sneaker collectors to buy up big in.

Now, Nike’s collaborated with some primo names, giving them the freedom (well, within reason) to give their own take on the iconic style. Travis Scott, Virgil Abloh of OFF-WHITE fame, Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke from Roc-A-Fella, Errolson Hugh from Acronym, and Don C from Just Don all took to the design and added their own signature elements.

“Air Force 1 is one of those shoes that transcends gender and economic condition. There is no other shoe that can be connected to sport, music, fashion, art, street and the city all at the same time,” explains Al Baik, Senior Creative Director for Nike Sportswear
The most ubiquitous of Air Force 1 is the white-white. We selected collaborators who are impacting future generations in those respective areas. The brief for these guys was filtered through the white-white lens. The design process was a mixture of remaining classic and recognisable to Air Force 1 while connecting to their lives personally and the fields they represent. The shoe was authentic to these guys and we were open to the possibility to push the design further.
The best bit? These aren’t simply one-off sets. They’ll be available to buy at select Aussie retailers as of December. Chrissy gift, anyone?
Here’s each collaboration and how much you’ll be forking out.
AF1 ’07 Rocafella, $220.
AF1 Hi Just Don, $280.
Lunar Force 1 / Acronym ’17, $280.
AF1 Low Travis Scott, $220.
Ooof, see ya later at least $1000. Keep an eye on their site for updates.