The latest Nike shoe is like something out of Futurama, the sportswear giant has created its first hands-free shoe, the Go FlyEase.

The shoe-to-end-all-shoes eliminates the need for laces as it uses a carefully designed bi-stable hinge and tensioner to keep the GO FlyEase feeling secure around your foot. It basically wraps around your foot like a good cuddle. Not like those half-assed ones you give acquaintances because human-touch is ~awkward~.

Judging by the comments on Hypebeast’s Instagram, people are pretty stoked with the design. One guy can’t wait to use them next time his mum needs help with the groceries, which I think is something we can all relate to. Too many times I have squished the heel of my shoe because I’ve run outside to put the rubbish out and don’t want to step on those pesky little burrs. Also fuck stepping on the pavement in my bare feet on a 30+ degree day. Sorry, but my beautiful Nike Tailwinds will have to suffer.

Another woman said that no laces is good news for her long-ass nails and if they’re anything like Cardi B‘s, I don’t know how she has survived all this time with regular ol’ lacey shoes.

Most importantly though, the design is a win for people with disabilities. It’s disappointing that so many modern designs are made with only able-bodied people in mind. This design is a great example of something that appeals to both able-bodied and disabled people.

So how does the shoe work? The bi-stable hinge ensures that when you kick the shoe off, it locks into place, so you step back in easily. Once you step in, the shoe then forms around your foot. The box is also carefully designed, so you don’t need to use your hands for that either.

The Go FlyEase will retail for $160 AUD. And if you’ve ever been to Sneakerboy you’ll know that’s a pretty fair price, cheap even.

They’ll drop on February 15 for Nike members, and will then receive a wider rollout.

Image: Nike