It’s not like you need another excuse to relocate to New York already, but just in case you do, Australian-born supermodel turned jewelry designer Nicole Trunfio is looking for an intern. The role on offer basically falls into the category of PA, in which duties include managing Nic’s day-to-day dealings (yes, there is a high probability you’d get to call her Nic if you got the position) as well as helping out with unspecified ‘special projects’ and slightly less thrilling office work.

The requirements include a year’s experience in an office / corporate environment and the ability to work QUICKLY. We’re not even exaggerating, it’s actually typed in caps lock on the job description. To apply, you must submit a photo of yourself and also complete a somewhat esoteric two-part assignment. Firstly, you have to draft a hypothetical letter to Anna Wintour from Nicole thanking her for inviting Nicole to her latest event. Maybe try not to use humour, we hear Anna Wintour is not a fan of the lols. The incorporation of acrostic poems is also probably not a good idea. Next, you will source and price three options for personalized stationary on which to send the aforementioned letter. Tip: the tacky paper and envelope kit with kitsch kittens peering out of baskets that you just haven’t been able to part with since 1995 is perhaps not the most suitable option in this context.

The candidate must also be able to work independently in some situations and follow explicit instructions in others. However, we predict that the biggest challenge will be not losing your poise every time you come into contact with Nicole. Have you even seen this lady? She’s totally like, really, really ridiculously good looking.

Apply here.

By Ingrid Kesa

Title Image- Still of Nicole Trunfio via “The Face Australia”