If you’re in the market for a $150K luxury car – and I am naturally assuming all of our readers have both the interest and the means to purchase one – then tennis bad boi Nick Kyrgios is currently flogging one on Facebook, if you’re keen to DM him for more deets.

“This was my first car I ever bought, owned from new,” Kyrgios writes. “The time has come to let it go.”

If you’re absolutely frothing on buying a luxury car from a Facey status, here are the particulars:

Meticulously cared for, regularly serviced, paint protect, only 16,000 km, near new tyres, immaculate car, bone leather interior. Anyone that is interested, please inbox for more information.

Predictably, the comments can be sorted into two distinct categories: people wondering why the world number 16 tennis player is selling his car on Facebook, and people taking the Gumtree buyer route and offering $6000 for the car. The car, for the record, is valued at  $156,430 new.

Kyrgios has been weighing in the comments too, sparring with trolls and offering to send the petrol tank lid to the CLOWNS making offers in the four digit range.

But there you go, team. DM him for details.

Source: Facebook.

Photo: Getty Images.