Nick Knight’s Garage Sale

If you’re in the market for a taxidermied Belgian Tiger, Victorian-style miniature greenhouse or oversized wooden eyeball (who isn’t these days?) you could aimlessly scour your local tip, burgle neighbourhood loon or try your luck on ebay.

But in the interests of safety may we suggest perusing the idiosyncratic wares at Nick Knight’s newly opened SHOWstudio shop instead? It’ll save time and you won’t have to pick through rat infested junk piles to get to the good stuff.

On offer are wonderfully warped pieces created for editorial purposes or as the site explains: “Nick Knight and SHOWstudio curate an exclusive selection of one-of-a-kind creations by world-renowned designers, artists, set designers and craftsmen. Offering these unique collectors’ items for sale for the first time, SHOWstudio SHOP offers the unprecedented opportunity to purchase a true piece of fashion history.”

Here are some of the mind blowing items on offer.

Created for December 2008
British Vogue editorial,
photographed by Tim Walker.
Painted acrylic, painted wood.
6 Pieces.
82 x 52 x 30cm

Created for Spring/Summer 2010
Alexander McQueen PUMA
campaign Crane Vs. Tiger,
photographed by Nick Knight.
Taxidermied Belgian tiger specimen
on painted wooden base.
204 x 60 x 200cm

Created for the set of the
Autumn/Winter 2007
Christian Dior haute couture show,
held at the Chateau de Versailles
2 July 2007.
Painted papier maché, wire.
45 x 56 x 38cm

Created by John Galliano
for July 2001 portrait
photographed by Nick Knight.
90 x 178cm

miniature greenhouse created
for Autumn/Winter 2009
Albion Cosmetics campaign,
photographed by Tim Walker.
Painted wood, glass.
House: 173 x 155 x 110cm
Roof: 86 x 155cm x 123cm

Created for December/January 1988
editorial for i-D,
photographed by Nick Knight.
Cotton denim Levi’s jackets,
bleach, ink.
68 x 54cm