New Zealand Fashion Week Street Style: Day 1

As far as we’re concerned the Land of Long White Cloud is like the smiley neighbour who you can borrow a cup of sugar from without having to do anything suss in return. So we like to see what’s going on in those parts. New Zealand Fashion Week kicked off today in Auckland and runs through to Friday 2 September showcasing the latest collections by the best fashion talent in NZ, including Stolen Girlfriends Club, Lonely Hearts, and WORLD. As usual there’s a lot of fashionable people off the runway too. Here’s a look at some of the stylish souls seen roaming on NZFW Day 1…

What’s your name? Sally Mullin
What are you doing at NZFW? I’m a buyer for a TV company.
What are you wearing? Isabael Marant shoes and pants, and an APC bag, jacket and shirt.
What did you think of Ingrid Starnes? It was very feminine and beautiful.

What’s your name? Alex Hamilton-Low
What are you doing at NZFW? I’m friends with Ingrid Starnes.
What are you wearing? Mostly Lower.

What are your names? Justine Atkins and Pip Catherwod. (L-R)
What are you doing at NZFW? Our friends sister started the label Coop so we are here to see that show.
What are you wearing? Justine: I’m wearing lots of labels from Australia; Pip: I’m wearing mostly ASOS.

What’s your name? Jarrad Goldman.
What are you doing at NZFW? I’m a designer and I’m hoping to have my own show next year so I thought I’d come and check it out. I’ve only just designed my first collection under my name.
What are you wearing? Stuff stolen from dead people.

What’s your name? Sophie Donovan
What are you doing at NZFW? I’m the Editorial Co-ordinator of Remix magazine so I’m here on behalf of that.
What are you wearing? Kate Sylvester and a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.
What’s been your favourite show so far? I liked Sabatini and Ingrid Starnes but for different reasons. I thought Ingrid Starnes was very glamorous but wearable at the same time.

What’s your name? Jessica Beresford.
What are you doing at NZFW? I’m interning at Remix magazine so I got to come along.
What are you wearing? Beau Coops shoes, Maurie and Eve pants and Stolen Girlfriends Club.

By Ingrid Kesa