New York Times Ranks Muckadilla Pub, Queensland, Amongst Favourite Secret Watering Holes

Nouakchott, Mauritania; Kabul, Afghanistan; Cairo, Egypt; Muckadilla, Queensland: international hotspots of great civil unrest, exotic-sounding cities I didn’t know existed until today, small country towns containing bars it’s cool to visit now they’ve been given the seal of approval from The New York Times. 

The grey ladies behind the elite cultural arbiter have bestowed the blessing of institutional good taste on South-West Queensland pub The Muckadilla Hotel. Once a town founded on the site of a magical bore famed for its healing powers [Thirsty? Cured! Gout? Also cured!] Muckadilla’s pub has been included by reporters from the world’s most reputable newspaper writing on their favourite secret water holes the world over. Ranking the local pub highly amongst bars in Vientiane, Warsaw, Jodhpur and Xiamen, Australian correspondent at the International Herald Tribune and Times Matt Siegel writes of his time at The Muckadilla Hotel Motel: 
Floodwaters can make for strange bedfellows. In 2010, mine were a few barflies and the residents of the Muckadilla Hotel in a town of nine. It was my first real outback pub. A refrigerator truck of kangaroo carcasses sat in the lot. One man — his jeans held up with bailing twine — looked at me for 15 minutes before he said, “You’re not from around here, are you?”  
Doing for Muckadilla what Miranda Kerr does for Gunnedah, the pub’s owners of four years John and Sue Macintosh said that, in a town of nineteen where the nearest pub some twenty kilometres away was closing down due to lack of interest, their inclusion as a true Queenslander country pub amongst the bars of the world was nice.
Should you ever find yourself on the Warrego Highway, you should stay here.
Photo: G’Day Pubs