There’s an art to online shopping, which usually includes a hundred tabs opened at once for an extended period of time as you try and decide if you should spontaneously treat yourself to a new coat… or you know, just wait for it to go on sale. But as much as we love a solid discount, it’s a struggle trying to keep on top of sales. Either you miss it completely or get to it too late so your size is out of stock. It’s a bit of a sigh. Enter Klarna, a Swedish-born online shopping app that’ll let you save your desired items in one place and notify you when it goes on sale. CHEF’S KISS.

You may not be too familiar with Klarna, but the team has partnered with a slew of major international vendors including ASOS, Topshop, boohoo, Nasty Gal, MVMT, and Abercrombie & Fitch. And four weeks ago, it launched in Australia. Think another buy now pay later app, but with a little something extra.

So how does it work? Well, the app is essentially a space where you can create your own wish lists. Make a custom list for jeans or faux leather jackets and so on and so forth. But instead of checking back for whenever there’s a drop in price, Klarna will notify you when there’s a sale on the item you’ve listed. You can also choose what kind of price drop notification you want, like any price change or a 10 per cent drop etc. etc.

Visual coming in hot.

You guys, it’s organised shopping.

Like other buy now pay later shopping apps, you can also choose to pay in four interest-free instalments. Whatever floats your boat. And in another big win for anyone who loves a good deal, Klarna also have THEIR OWN exclusive deals for those you choose to go down the instalment route. Or you can just suss out general weekly deals and discounts under the deals tab on the app. It’s pretty much updated as soon as another deal from a retailer goes live.

And just FYI, Klarna isn’t just for farshunnn because they’ve also partnered with furniture and home electronic retailers.

You can suss out Klarna on iTunes right here.

Image: Klarna