New ‘Catfish’ Series To Focus On Trolls And Their Victims & DisGonBeGud.Jpg

For a period of time, the television-watching public sincerely believed shows like The Jerry Springer Show to be the be-all and end-all of televised bust-ups. 

How naive we were. 

MTV’s Catfish, the show where lovelorn folk have their gentle hearts pummeled by misleading 40-something neckbeards, is switching things up. Instead of asking to document doomed e-romances, the show is now soliciting people to meet their online trolls.

It almost sounds too good (and brutal) to be true, but a couple of casting calls posted on the show’s page confirm that producers really do want to film punters introducing themselves to the target of their internet ire.

The posts ask for people “drawn into online debates over topics like Veganism, Feminism, LGBTQ rights, Body Shaming, Politics, Race, Religion, and other hot button social issues.” Another asks “have you ever wanted to find out who’s really behind the profile [of your online troll]?”

It’s almost cute the posts say “the producers of Catfish are here to try to help!” considering the fact this show will essentially be high-octane drama fuel, but shit, we’re down to watch it anyway.

If you’re down to apply, considering heading to the States and scoping out the posts right here. 

Source: MTV.
Photo: South Park.