Sweet hot damn the release date for the Netflix revival series ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life‘ is so GD close you can practically smell the coffee brewing.

The four-part series is set to hit your streaming screens in full come November (NEXT FREAKIN’ MONTH OH MAN) and the good mob at Netto’ are stoking the fire in that hype train, ready to fling it on down the tracks all the way to Stars Hollow.
Each 90-minute episode of the series covers a different season (kicking off with episode one: ‘Winter‘) and that’s the theme they’re pushing hard in these four brand-spanking new posters released overnight.
It’s all fairly straightforward: Lorelai and Rory enjoy the typical fare of each distinctive season. But on the other hand oh man oh man oh man oh man.

There’s your picturesque light winter snowfall:
The new bloom of Spring:
The casual patriotism synonymous with an American summer:
And finally a little Autumn action, which you absolutely know they’re gonna be calling ‘Fall‘:
There’s this one as well, featuring the trademark giant coffee cups, which is also just as simple and good until you realise the fact that Rory apparently hasn’t learned how to hold a mug in a proper/any way functional manner.
Good for the first few sips, sure. But after that you’re just gnarling your wrist like a crow’s talon. That can’t be good for the ole’ joints.
The new ‘Gilmore Girls‘ season is a-comin’ on November 25. Get HYPE.

Photos: Netflix/Twitter.