Mum Of Dreamworld Victims Speaks Out About Loss Of Her “Wonderful” Children

As the investigation into the horrific accident at Dreamworld – which resulted in the deaths of four people – continues, the mother of two of the victims has spoken of her horror at the loss.

Kim Dorsett‘s two adult children Kate Goodchild, 32, and Luke Dorsett were killed when the Thunder River Rapids ride allegedly malfunctioned. Also killed was Dorsett’s partner Roozbeh Araghi. Speaking to the Courier-Mail, Dorsett expressed her devastation at the loss of her “wonderful” children.

“I have three children and have lost two of them today – my whole family has been wiped out,” she said. “They really were just wonderful people – that would be the best way to describe them. They were kind, loving souls that would honestly do anything for anyone.”

Goodchild had two daughters, aged 12 and eight months, and it is currently believed that the older daughter was present at the park when the incident occurred. Dorsett also spoke of the response of her surviving daughter to the loss of her siblings. “Like me, she is still coming to terms with it all but she is completely devastated – she is blaming herself for what has happened,” Ms Dorsett said.
“She has had a truly terrible day, she is going through unimaginable pain at the moment. I’m at a loss as to how to deal with this now – I woke up this morning with three children and tomorrow I am only going to have one left.”

She praised the conduct of Queensland Police and emergency services. “I’d also like to stress that I couldn’t be more impressed with how police have handled this situation today – they have made this situation as comfortable as it possibly could be.”
Source: Courier-Mail.
Photo: Facebook.