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After a pretty bloody successful run in 2019, Moving The Needle is once again bringing the Empty Shop reverse pop-up stores around Australia, to encourage Aussies to donate old clothes instead of just chucking them in the bin.

Considering Aussies throw out around 311,040 tonnes of clothing and textiles every year – about 6000 kilos every 10 minutes (!!!) – Moving The Needle has teamed up with op-shop organisations and big stores like Myer and Glam Corner to try and cut that number down with the reverse pop-up stores that start completely empty and eventually fill up with all our old clothes.

This year the Empty Shops are popping up in shopping centres across Australia and will be up and running for a whole week, so there’s plenty of time for you to gather all your unwanted clothes and make the pilgrimage to donate them. Last year, the reverse pop-up initiative took in a total of 600 items which ended up with the Empty Shop popping up in New York for ReFashion Week this year.

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Welcome to THE EMPTY SHOP ???? Yep we’re opening a store with absolutely nothing in it @chatswoodchasesydney and encouraging you to come and help us fill it with good quality donations from your wardrobe! It’s a beautiful blank canvas with a very important because To kick off crucial conversations about sustainability and tackling our textile waste issue We launch tomorrow and are very excited to have the minister for the environment Sussan Ley coming to give us her blessing As is the zero waste warrior herself @rocket_science ♻️ @redcrossshops and @vinniesshops are on board with @salvosstores too The pop up runs from Oct 13-18 so come and say hi and help me fill and style the store with clothing items you no longer need At the end of each day the donations are distributed to charity stores and we open completely EMPTY the next day! But don’t worry if you’re not in Sydney you can still help us spread the good word You can share this post Click the link in my bio, read all about it, download the promo tiles, share with your community, donate at your local op shop, get talking and tell your friends Because together we can change the fashion industry for GOOD #movingtheneedle #reducereuserecycle #slowfashion

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Moving The Needle want to reduce the piles of textile waste that Aussies produce every year by 20% by 2022, which would drop the average Aussie’s dumped clothes from 23kg a year down to 18.8kg. It might not seem like much but it’s about 4kg of clothes chucked out that can absolutely be donated to op shops, helping to further the new circular economy that’s emerging.

I’m sure as hell you’ve got a bunch of old clothes buried in the back of your cupboard that you don’t wear anymore or a bag of stuff that you’ve been meaning to donate for at least three months. Instead of just popping the old garb into one of those big oppy bins at the supermarket carpark, you can take them down to your local Empty Shop reverse pop-up and change your own clothes-buying habits.

For me, I turn all my clothes hangers the opposite direction until I wear something, and then I pop it back in the right way. Then at the end of six to eight months, whatever’s in there that hasn’t had its coathanger changed I take out and see if I need to donate it.

The Empty Shop reverse pop-up stores open their doors (so to speak) from March 16 until the 22nd, and you can find your local at the following locations:

Riverside Plaza, Queanbeyan

Chatswood Chase, Chatswood

Chadstone Shopping Centre, Chadstone

Myer Centre, Brisbane

Elizabeth City Centre, Elizabeth

Galleria Shopping Centre, Perth

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