A Bunch Of Movie Outfits That I Reckon I Could 100% Pull Off If I Really Really Tried

Picture this. It’s a Friday night and you’re sitting at home in your living room about to start a silly little movie to help your brain switch off. You choose Mean Girls, the 2004 version obviously, not the 2024 version pfft (I love you, Reneé Rapp). You’ve been in the same tattered trackies for the last 12 hours and have popcorn crumbs all over your chest. Living your best life, TBH. 

Then, the infamous Regina George tank top scene plays and you think, “I could absolutely pull this off.”

Well, that was what my Friday night looked like, which prompted me to think… what other movie ‘fits could I pull off if I had the energy to do it? 

So without further ado, here are my top four movie outfits that I genuinely think I could rock.

Princess Irulan – Dune: Part Two

Hear me out, I know that we haven’t seen too much of Florence Pugh’s character in the film yet, but I’ve just cut all my hair off, I only wear black, grey, and white clothing (obviously not as extravagant as Princess Irulan’s clothes), and I can do a pretty mean American accent.

So, I’m halfway there!

The only thing that would really tie in the ‘fit would be a bunch of bougie accessories.

If you’re wanting to elevate your futuristic look, Hamilton is releasing its Ventura Limited Edition Desert Watches, inspired by Dune: Part Two. From movie props to vintage watches, Hamilton is the go-to for timeless, custom-made watches. As well as this highly anticipated film, Hamilton has been featured in over 500 (!!) movies and TV shows including Oppenheimer, Interstellar, and the Indiana Jones franchise. Clearly it’s the watch brand for filmmakers (and film-lovers).

Now, imagine this time piece on a night out? Or running around with Paul Atreides in the desert? Sigh. Chef’s kiss I must say.

Cruella de Vil – 101 Dalmatians

Okay okay, this might seem bizarre and it’s definitely a choice, but I think I could actually kill it wearing Cruella de Vil’s outfits (minus the actual pelts of Dalmatians, because absolutely not). 

A sleek, black and white faux coat, dyeing half my hair white, long red silky gloves that scream ‘I’m rich’? It’s plain and simple, with a touch of elegance. New year, new me I always say.

Catch me on the Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Weird Barbie – Barbie

These options are getting a bit strange, but bare with me! I wouldn’t be putting them out to the world if I wasn’t 100% confident in this.

If you look at the dress on its own, it’s not that bad. It’s kind of got an ’80s vibe to it with the scribbles. The makeup (crayon drawings?) are giving abstract and cool. Seriously, no one in Melbourne would bat an eyelid.

And the hair? Like I’ve mentioned before, my hair is currently much shorter than I’m used to having it, and I’m currently in the ‘I-don’t-know how-to-style-it-so-I’ll-leave-the-house-without-really-doing-anything-to-it’ phase. So no difference there!

Right place, right time? I could smash this look for sure.

Bella Swan – The Twilight Saga 

This might be a cop out because you don’t really have to try too hard, but Bella Swan’s outfits are the epitome of comfort and something I know I can pull off. For the days where I want to lounge around, or just get errands out of the way, Bella Swan’s outfits are practical, and something I can definitely do without breaking the bank. 

What’s method acting called when you’re not an actor? Imitation? Obsession? Infatuation? Whatever it is, I did that, because I (embarrassingly) transformed into some version of Bella Swan when the movie came out – and stayed that way til I was 22 years old.

Converse, jeans, plaid, and bowling shirts? BRB, let me make that my entire personality for the next 10 years.

Image credits: Warner Brothers, Disney, Summit Entertainment