Now most of the country is beginning to crawl back out of our homes and hibernation, we’re at the point where wearing the same pair of (probably stained) track pants just isn’t going to cut it anymore. So here are a bunch of actually comfortable hard pants – think jeans, cords, and other non-fleecy options – that are just as cosy as your beloved trackies to ease your ass back into the outside world.

Because let’s be real, making the leap back into wearing leg prisons is absolutely too much of a shock for our butts, who have been lavishing in the softness of leggings, trackies, and PJ pants for months.

1. Just Jeans Lift & Shape High-Rise Skinny

I’ve been told that these are “very stretchy and comfy” which is like, the absolute ideal situation you want for a pair of jeans as you emerge from months of staying at home.

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation
Lift & Shape High-Rise Skinny – $79.95

2. Stan Ray Wide Leg Painter Pants

The pants trend swinging back from spray-on skinny legs to the full 90s skater vibes of baggy trousers has meant a huge spike in comfy-and-nice pants. My workmate Jack swears by these painter pants from Stan Ray that look like they’d benefit from a wallet chain.

Also these are pretty much fact utility pants – they come with a hammer loop, just in case you need to carry your hammer with you and you have no hands.

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation
Stan Ray Wide Leg Painter Pant – $155

3. Rolla’s East Coast Crop Flares

My workmate Jess swears by these, to the point where I think she might actually be wearing them while working from home instead of trackpants or leggings or PJ pants. Now if that’s not a testament to how comfortable these leg prisons are, I don’t know what is.

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation
Rolla’s Eastcoast Crop Flares – $139.95

4. Levi’s Vintage Overalls

Do overalls count as comfortable pants? Of course they do. The best part about vintage Levi’s is that they’re usually already been worn in (by a previous owner or by the manufacturer) so all the hard work has been done for you, so you get all the comfort without having to do the breaking in.

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation
Levi’s Vintage Overalls – $169.95

5. Nique Black Float Pant

Anything called a “float pant” sounds like a literal cloud for your ass, and my workmate Mina absolutely swears by hers. They come in a whole bunch of colours so you can wear them with anything, and the cottom-linen blend is an absolute dream.

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation
Nique Black Float Pant – $180

6. Alice McCall Woodstock Pant

My workmate Melissa swears by these deeply 70s jeans, and tells me they’re the are the comfiest she’s EVER worn. They’re so stretchy but also keep their shape around your waist and ass, and they make her look like Stevie Nicks circa 1975. Well worth the investment, I reckon.

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation
Alice McCall Woodstock Pant – $375

7. Zara Baggy Jeans w/ Pockets

The secret to a good pair of comfortable hard pants that wear like your favourite pair of trackies is in the waistband. A sneaky elasticated waistband is the difference between feeling like you’re in a pair of leg prisons and wearing pants that’ll be kind after a large lunch. The baggy jeans from Zara feature that sneaky extra stretch in the bag-top vibe here, and I’m all about it.

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation
Zara Z1795 Baggy Jeans – $59.95

8. Uniqlo EZY Ankle Pants

More elasticated pants! We love them! A few of the blokes here at PEDESTRIAN.TV wear these bad boys to the ends of their lives, and I don’t blame them. These have all the look and vibe of Very Professional Hard Pants but the stretchy comfort of your most worn-in trackies. A total dream.

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation
Uniqlo EZY Relaxed-Fit Ankle Pants – $39.90

9. Dickies Original 874 Work Pants

There’s a reason why they’re the originals, and why my workmate Jordan literally lives in his. Dickies have come right back around from being those insanely long shorts that skaters wore in the early 00s (with a pair of crew socks so there was an inch of skin showing between the two). Now I see people all over Melbourne wearing these, and it 100% makes me want to get a pair too, they just look so comfy.

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation
Dickies Original 874 Work Pants – $79.99

10. Dejour Jeans

Though you can only buy these at the Dejour Jeans shop in Brunswick in Melbourne’s inner north, making the trip there to pick up a pair of jeans (or two) that are literally tailored to your body is well worth it. I usually go for the $55 super high-waisted skinny jeans and get the cuffs cut right up so they fit my tiny legs, and they fit like a glove after a little bit of wearing in.

All the styles for all genders are comfortable as hell, and it’s a real gamechanger to get a pair of hard pants tailored to you.

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11. Topshop Jamie Jeans

Ahh, the old Jamies. I used to live in TopShop Joni jeans in my early 20s, so it’s no surprise that the Jamies have very much stood the test of time and are still as comfy as ever. Unlike the skin-tight Jonis, the Jamie jeans have a little more wiggle room in them so you can really ease your ass and stretch them out the way you want.

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation
TopShop Jamie Jeans – $84.95

12. Cotton On Dad Jean

You’ve heard of mom jeans, but let me introduce you to the Dad Jean. According to my workmate Mel, these are “loose but not stretchy, so they look like authentic vintage jeans except they’ll cost you under $60. I’d suggest going down a size as they’re very much an oversized fit.”

They go up to a size 18 too, that’s me sold.

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation
Cotton On Dad Jeans – $59.99

13.Uniqlo High-Waisted Corduroy Pants

I finally picked up a pair of the Uniqlo cords recently and now I legit want a pair of these very comfortable pants in every colour. These are SO comfortable, and I’m so stoked that corduroy is extremely back in trend. Do your ass a favour and get some of these immediately. There’s also men’s styles and cropped leg wide pants, but you gotta drop into your nearest store for those.

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation
Uniqlo High-Waisted Wide Leg Corduroy Pants – $29.90

14. SÜK Relaxed Work Pant

I’ve been eyeing off literally everything from Sük Workwear for SO LONG and the pants just look like heaven. I just want to wear these in every colour and do some gardening or kick around in my boots. They’re ethically-made in Melbourne and come in this alarming orange, which I just adore.

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation
SÜK Relaxed Work Pants – $100

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Image: Cotton On / Stan ray / SÜK Workwear