14 Pants So Comfy, Ya Won’t Have To Leave Yr Dinner Date Early To Peel ‘Em The Fk Off

One of life’s hardest feats is finding a good, comfortable pair of jeans — am I wrong? Just in my short lifetime alone, I can think of three occasions where I’ve ended a dinner date early just to go home and peel those suckers off my legs. Countless other times, I’ve sat down on a tram and my jeans have made me feel so uncomfortable, you’d think I had a Kimmy K waist trainer on.

That’s why I’ve made it my life’s mission to create a running list of the most comfortable pairs of pants on the internet (that aren’t your old faithful WFH trackies).

From jeans to cords and other non-fleecy options, here are some of my top picks…

Rolla’s Sailor Jean — Francoise

Rolla’s Sailor Jean — Francoise, $159.95

When it comes to comfort — baggy, wide legs are always best. These also look chic as fuck with the front-stitched pockets. All you have to do is pair ’em with a basic tee and sneakers.

Rolla’s East Coast Crop Bordeaux Flares

Rolla’s East Coast Crop Bordeaux Flares, $159.95

While these might look uncomfy and stiff, don’t be fooled — the material on these Rolla’s bad boys (courtesy of Phoebe Tonkin’s new collab range) is soft and stretchy, but will still hold everything in place. The bootleg cut and the maroon colour also give ’em that extra bit of pizza.

Eastcoast Flare Overall — Brown Cord

Eastcoast Flare Overall — Brown Cord, $189.95

Do overalls count as comfortable pants? In my books they do. That’s why I couldn’t help but throw in this Rolla’s Flare overall set. I mean, c’mon — cord and our fave chocolate brown colour? Chef’s kiss, folks.

High Nina Crop Jeans — White

High Nina Crop Jeans — White, $50, usually $119.95

I swear by my white cropped jeans. Not only do they make for great work pants (for those days you CBF), but they are the perfect bridge between wide-leg and skinny, so you can still look SNATCHED while you’re in the midst of your comfy era.

Nude Lucy Yuri Speckle Knit Pants — Toast

Nude Lucy Yuri Speckle Knit Pants — Toast, $50, usually $100

If you want the comfort of trackies while still upholding a level of chic, knit is our absolute go-to. Thankfully Glue Store is selling some gorgeous ones that look great with a simple jumper or crisp white shirt.

Stan Ray Wide Leg Painter Pants

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation

Stan Ray Wide Leg Painter Pants, $165

The full 90s skater-esque baggy trousers trend has meant that there’s been a huge spike in comfy-and-nice pants. My friend swears by these painter pants from Stan Ray that look like they’d benefit from a wallet chain.

Also, these are pretty much fact utility pants – they come with a hammer loop, just in case you need to carry your hammer with you and you have no hands.

Levi’s Vintage Overalls

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation

Levi’s Vintage Overalls, $169.95

Since we’ve established that overalls do in fact count as pants in our books, this fan fave had to make a feature.

The reason they’re a top pick is that vintage Levi’s are usually already worn in (by a previous owner or by the manufacturer). That means all the hard work has been done for you, so you get all the comfort without having to do the breaking in.

Cropped Domino Pants

Cropped Domino Pants, $186, usually $465

Leather pants are traditionally known for being skin-tight and claustrophobic, but this find couldn’t be further from that. Offering a super loose, wide-leg fit, these babies will give you the leather look for optimal comfort.

Dr Denim Aston Pants

Dr Denim Aston Pants, $82.46, usually $109.95

That laid-back almost-but-not-quite suited-up look will forever be a favourite in my eyes. These Dr Denim Aston pants will get ya there quickly — and comfortably.

Cotton On Drake Cuffed Pants

Cotton On Drake Cuffed Pants, $37.49, usually $37.49

The secret to a good pair of comfortable hard pants that wear like your favourite pair of trackies is in the waistband. A sneaky elasticated waistband is the difference between feeling like you’re in a pair of leg prisons and wearing pants that’ll be kind after a large lunch. The baggy jeans from Cotton On feature that sneaky extra stretch in the bag-top vibe here, and I’m all about it.

AERE Linen Pull-On Pants

AERE Linen Pull-On Pants, $60, usually $100

Anything linen not only looks chic, but I can always count on ’em to be ultra comfy. Thank us later.

Dickies Original 874 Work Pants

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation

Dickies Original 874 Work Pants, $89.99

There’s a reason why they’re the originals and why my workmate literally lives in his. Dickies have come right back around from being those insanely long shorts that skaters wore in the early 00s (with a pair of crew socks so there was an inch of skin showing between the two). Now I see people all over Melbourne wearing these, and it 100% makes me want to get a pair too, they just look so comfy.

Topshop Jamie Jeans

comfortable jeans pants post-isolation

TopShop Jamie Jeans, $40 (usually $80)

Ahh, the old Jamies. I used to live in TopShop Joni jeans in my early 20s, so it’s no surprise that the Jamies have very much stood the test of time and are still as comfy as ever. Unlike the skin-tight Jonis, the Jamie jeans have a little more wiggle room in them so you can really ease your ass and stretch them out the way you want.

Dejour Jeans

Though you can only buy these at the Dejour Jeans shop in Brunswick in Melbourne’s inner north, making the trip there to pick up a pair of jeans (or two) that are literally tailored to your body is well worth it. I usually go for the $55 super high-waisted skinny jeans and get the cuffs cut right up so they fit my tiny legs, and they fit like a glove after a little bit of wearing in.

All the styles for all genders are comfortable as hell, and it’s a real game-changer to get a pair of hard pants tailored to you.