Is this even really surprising to anyone anymore? 

As Sydney prepares for the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (lovingly known as ‘Gay Christmas’), Google Australia and Australian Marriage Equality have dropped a bunch of research called Love By Numbers to show that hey, it’s time. The time is now. It’s time to get marriage equality across the line.

In research findings that surprise literally nobody because we’ve been shouting about it into what feels like a big ol’ void for ages now – 63% of Australians think that same-sex couples should have the right to marry.

Are we shocked? God no. 

More Than Half Of You Think Same-Sex Marriage Is Rad So Hurry Up, Australia

If anything, it’s telling us – and most importantly it’s telling them big-wigs up there in Parliament House – that marriage equality needs to happen here for the Australian community to even slightly consider itself as ‘progressive’ or ‘forward-thinking’. (Not to mention those other backwards af issues like systematic oppression, our shithouse refugee policies, how we still seem to have a massive hard-on for coal/non-renewables etc etc)

Tiernan Brady – executive director of AME‘s Equality Campaign’ – says that it’s Aussies love for everyone to have a ‘fair go’ that has resulted in over half of us being totally A-OK with marriage equality.

“Across the nation we will continue to show how marriage equality is simply based on our shared Australian values of a fair go and respect for all and it’s important that these values continue to underpin the ongoing conversation on marriage equality across the nation.” Tiernan says.

Well yep – we’re super into everyone in Australia having a fair shake of the, uh, metaphorical sauce bottle. That’s a god-damn, straight-up fact.

So hey, let’s have a fab time at Mardi Gras on the weekend, then maybe – just maybe – get this sorted.

Photo: Getty / Rick Loomis.

More Than Half Of You Think Same-Sex Marriage Is Rad So Hurry Up, Australia