Mop Up Karen Walker’s New Eyewear Instalment

You know a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses when you see a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses. That same rule applies to a Karen Walker lookbook. Much like the sunglasses themselves, the campaigns are always day-glo bright, strong shapes are stunningly realised and the result leaves you wishing you looked a little more like a fair-haired, fair-skinned (’11) Sun-God (’10) with fangs to boot (’09).

Again, similar rules apply to Walker’s latest Summer 11/12 installment, dubbed Brand New Critters. The result? Mops and brooms – so hot right now. The collection combines the holy-trinity of functionality, style and maximum UV protection, riffing on familiar Walker-esque lenses with some entirely new shapes thrown into the mix (bunny ears!). Prepare to be swept away.