Monoglammers The Daily Edited Are Now Stamping Yr Goods W/ 100+ Emojis

If you have a fashion thingy and it’s not monogrammed, is it even worth having? The resounding 2017 answer is NO, get in the bin – if your handbag/wallet/tee/fucking pillowcase isn’t emblazoned with your initials or a funny quote, you’re not doing it right. 

The Daily Edited easily had this shit on lock from the beginning. They were one of the first to market with monogrammed accessories when the trend first hit (they may even be responsible for it tbqh), and they’ve continued to be the item of choice for all your friends birthday pressies since, amirite? 

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This is in part because they just continue to expand their offering with stuff we don’t need, but absolutely want – a monogrammed makeup case? Gimme. A luggage tag with my initials on it? I’m not even going on any holidays this year but fucking buy it for me or I’ll murder your family.
KIDDING. Ha ha! Just kidding, I’ll only set fire to your car. 

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TDE (as the cool kids call it) have offered a few emojis alongside letter and number embossing for a while – you could get things like crowns, hearts, diamonds to snazz up your purchases. But with some peak timing, given Monday is World Emoji Day (that’s a real thing, god help us) they’re expanding that range to feature a further 100, taking ’em to 123 you can use. Hell yeah.

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Here’s all the different ones you can now add to your personalised goods. 
Who even needs to use letters anymore? Let’s all just start ordering emoji-only monogrammed stuff. It’s the first step in completely eliminating the English language – I’m here for it.
Hit up the TDE website on Monday to start emojify-ing all your shit. 

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