For a good part of the year, we’ve been scouring Australia and New Zealand to find talented creatives to work on a tonne of briefs for Dell’s XPS Open Studio campaign, with the underlying theme of self-expression.

The latest addition to this beaush campaign comes in the form of an entire portfolio of stunning looks, modelled in part by Yaro, who PEDESTRIAN.TV recently chatted to for a little debrief on the brief (hehe).

PEDESTRIAN.TV: On a daily basis, how often do you use your style to express yourself?

Yaro: I love expressing myself and have started getting more creative, not only in my fashion sense but also in my makeup, hair and even shoes. I think self-expression comes in many different forms – everyone expresses themselves differently, even if it isn’t visually or aesthetically. It could be through other creative outlets, and that in itself makes us all creatives.

Whenever I am going out, I do put a lot of thought into what I am wearing, whether I am being casual or not. I’ve started to be more and more comfortable with wearing more “out there” pieces on a daily outing rather than saving it for special occasions or night outs. I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone by wearing colour – not only in my outfits but my hair, as well.

P.TV: When did you know you wanted to get into modelling and how did you go about carving a career for yourself?

Y: I’ve always known I wanted to get into that field – I was interested in acting first and modelling second. As I’ve grown and become more confident, modelling is something I love and want to do full-time.

When I was 18, I became more proactive with actually chasing these dreams of mine and not allowing them to be dead dreams. I was in the city almost every day, handing in my at-home portfolio and digis, going to modelling agency walk-ins with no luck whatsoever. After about a year of continuously seeking out photographers willing to work freelance with me and applying to agencies, I started focusing on my image on Instagram.

I was reaching out to small businesses everywhere asking for collabs because that gave me an opportunity to model as well as build my Instagram and presence as an influencer. This slowly built into year-long collabs with amazing brands such as Clinique, Glassons, Sabo Skirt, Meshki and so much more.

P.TV: What did you take away from the Dell XPS Open Studio experience?

Y: I feel like there is a creative element to this that speaks to me. Even the process of getting more information about this shoot was interesting because I had two options of hairstyles and the red one was chosen, so I feel like self-expression is a huge element to this shoot which intrigues me.

P.TV: Do you perceive modelling as a form of self-expression?

Y: All the shoots I’ve been in, the people on set give a brief of what’s expected and their vision, but also give us the freedom to portray that however we want, and I love that.

Along with styling, sometimes you get to the shoot and they want you to have red hair or bright orange hair – that’s pushing me out of my comfort zone and I can experience being a different version of myself. That’s made me comfortable and confident to be all the different versions of myself in my everyday life as well as with modelling.

To see what the Dell XPS Open Studio has in store, keep checking here.