Not only is Melbourne-born supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw seriously blessed in the looks department, appearing as though she was crafted by angels and sent down from heaven on a moonbeam to accompany us mere mortals on earth, she is apparently rather multi-talented too.
In addition to her musical aptitude (a talent she has explored with boyfriend Matthew Hutchinson of band Our Mountain), Kershaw is also an artist.
In a recent interview with Fashion TV (watch below) she describes her artistic aesthetic as “always abstract but with an ethereal feel to it”. She uses oil pastels a lot, dabbles in drawing and would love to paint more often if only she had more space to “just throw paint around at any time”. Well Abbey those runways you strut along are pretty spacey – why not arm yourself with a paintbrush, make like Banksy and reconfigure your surroundings.
To hear Abbey lee talk about her art skip to the 6 minute mark – unless watching a beautiful woman talk about makeup is your jam.

Written By Jess Glass