Miss Shop Blogger Project: Circa Now

Too young for flashbacks? In this installment of the Miss Shop Blogger Project we swing down Carnaby Street and revisit Miss Shop’s Autumn/Winter 2012 Sixties Pop trend.

In homage to the Shrimp and Twiggy we present Tessa-Jay of Circa Now, snapped and collaged as Op Art by Thom Kerr. We’re in awe of Sina Velke’s volumous hair styling and Rachel Brook’s multicoloured lips and nails. Chris Leger’s styling revives the bold colours of mod staples like bright tights, knitted headbands and thigh climbing hemlines.

Continue to check out the Miss Shop Blogger Project site for all the updates of upcoming shoots, behind-the-scenes videos and styling tips as they’re released throughout the month.

Check out the Miss Shop Blogger Project site for product info and styling details. Have a peek behind the scenes with the chronically shy Thom Kerr.

Tessa-Jay took a break from being awesome for a quick chat about Miss Shop’s Sixties Pop trend.

The music for the Miss Shop Blogger Project is supplied by Dune Rats from their “Social Atoms” and “Sexy Beach” Eps