Miranda Kerr Stars In David Jones Showcase

Australia or more fittingly David Jones’ golden girl Miranda Kerr stood front and center for DJ’s Spring/Summer launch at Sydney’s Horden Pavilion yesterday. Needless to say Ms. Kerr was luminous as ever.

The Gunnedah beauty modeled wares from Alex Perry, Jets, Alannah Hill among others which will no doubt fly off the shelves. Check out the images via Fly Net Online.

The day before Kerr was spotted at Bondi’s Icebergs (a fitting location considering it’s Winter) for a steamy DJ’s related bikini shoot.

Speaking with The Daily Telegraph the health conscious Kerr also divulged where she brunches saying: “I love Kawa in Surry Hills, a great organic place.” Hear that Hipsters? If Kawa’s Bircher Muesli is good enough for Miranda it’s good enough for you!

Title Image by Mark Metcalfe via Getty