Miranda Kerr Allegedly Being Courted By About Ten Billionaires

In keeping with her strict devotion to the ascetic principles that govern a lifestyle best described as  , hot property investment opportunity Miranda Kerr is reportedly being wooed by a boardroom (a Buffett? A super yacht fleet?) of ten (10) billionaires. That is, according to a note being passed around fourth period gossip mongering this weekend by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Ever since word got out at recess in December that Kerr was allegedly exchanging bodily fluids and exfoliating tips with James Packer, speculation has run rampant amongst those with nothing better to speculate about that Kerr has been playing a field left wide open since her conscious uncoupling with Orlando Bloom
Writes the Herald, who were “reliably informed this week by one of Kerr’s closest allies”, Packer is “‘one of about 10 billionaires’ making a play for” the saccharine teacup designer, who it’s noted still refuses to broach the interview subject of her mother Therese – the subject of an “underwhelming” swimsuit editorial in the March issue of the AWW and the breakout star of a recent ABC TV profile parlaying the family’s estrangement from “Randa” into a 25 minute spot for their competing skin care lines. 
In an interview with Forbes earlier this month, Packer also admitted that although “business is good right now, my personal life is a disaster.”
Look at all these things you’re learning! Do with them what you will (invest in and treasure them, no doubt). 
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Photo: Pascal Le Segretain via Getty