Menswear Dog Is Releasing A Collection Of Clothes For Chic Canines

One-time American Apparel model and the grinning idiot who fronts your favourite fashion blog Menswear Dog‘ is getting set to launch his very first capsule collection for similarly sartorially-minded canines. Widely regarded as the world’s chicest Shiba Inu, Bodhi and his New York City-based owners are crafting made-to-order suiting (comprising a blazer, a shirt ‘bib’ and poplin bow-tie) for the never-nude doge in your life.

In an announcement of the imminent collection via the blog, they also confirmed that every outfit sold will sponsor a rescue animal for a month:

“Hey guys, We just want to take a moment to thank everyone so
much for the continued support for this site and our project. We’re now
thrilled to announce that we’re launching our first ever
menswear-inspired canine fashion collection!
We’re also partnering with the Rescue Paw Foundation so that every little bit helps sponsor a shelter animal in need.

Donate to the project’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign if you want your pet to look this baller: