Melbs’ Newest Apartments Make Living In A Chic Goldfish Bowl Possible

Yes, home ownership is a far away fantasy for those of us with average income jobs and non-minted parents.

But just because we may never be able to own our own set of bricks and mortar doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a nice building, right? Right?!

A fresh new apartment building has cropped up in the cushy Melbourne suburb of East Ivanhoe, and it certainly stands out from typical cookie cutter developments.

The residence, designed by BKK Architects, features an exterior of seriously huge porthole windows that look out to the street below:

An exterior of weathered brick and standing seam metal provides the perfect minimalist contrast to the out-there windows, which make the residence looks like a really inviting spaceship.

Just imagine living here. You’d feel like an ant looking out a boat window. Or a goldfish stuck in a stupidly chic bowl. It’d be awesome.

hello it is me the ant

The theme of Round Things™ continues inside the apartment complex, with the shared hallways forgoing classic chandeliers or pendant lights for grand disc thingys:

The rendered images of the interior may have you drooling and, you guessed it, there are more round objects:

Located at 206 Lower Heidelberg RdThe Cirqua Apartments boast 42 dwellings that are sleek and ultramodern, offering all the creature comforts you’d expect in a brand spanker, like marble splash backs and matte black taps and window frames.

Despite how terribly I just explained this place, it’s seriously luxe and the designers have clearly put a crap tonne of thinking into creating cleverly designed spaces. Of the 42 apartments, 38 of them having a unique layout.

If you somehow have enough money to be seriously considering living here (hate u but congrats) one bedrooms are going for around $430,000 to $530,000, two bedrooms $590,000 to $730,000 and three bedrooms will set you back $920,000 to $999,000.

Anyone wanna go halvies?