Melbourne’s Hottest March Nights On Record Explain Your Fucked-Up Sleep

After a few nights of relentless squirming, Melbourne has a definitive answer: yes, it has been a touch warm in recent nights, and the Bureau of Meteorology has officially deemed this March to have the hottest overnight temperatures ever recorded.

As it stands, the average overnight temperature has been 16.9 degrees, which doesn’t sound too terrible, until you look at some of the pre-existing figures. On average, the temperature sits at a positively cool 13.3 degrees at this time of year. Consider your sweating justified. 
It isn’t just the evenings which have been rough, either. The average daily temperature has been 27.4 degrees, a full 2.5 degrees above normal. BOM senior forecaster Richard Carlyon told Fairfax that all of this sun, and a lack of any meaningful cold weather systems, has propelled this March to the position of the second-hottest recorded in Melbourne. 

Those temperatures will stick around for a lil’ while, too. Currently, the BOM is predicting the thermometer won’t dip below 25 degrees for the next week, with a insultingly sunny high of 32 rolling around on Sunday.

via Bureau of Meteorology.

While those temperatures aren’t horrific in and of themselves, they aren’t ideal, especially when the city should be welcoming its infamously tumultuous colder months RN. Maybe, just maybe, Melbs has decided not to bother with the ‘four seasons in a day’ thing, and it’s just going to stay at a simmer until the end of time.