These Melb Tram Socks Exist If You Wanna Make Your Commute From Bed To Couch More Authentic

If you’re missing your daily public transport experience, the gentle ‘ding’ of the Melbourne tram network, rushing between platforms, or somehow lucking out with a ride with no air con in the middle of summer, you can now bring the best of the PT journey to you: the gaudy seat fabric.

Just because our daily commute now involves dragging ourselves from bed to the couch and back again doesn’t mean it can’t have that aggressive green pattern from the Melbourne tram seats.

The team behind ‘Touched On’ – a literal tabletop card game about commuting on trams in Melbs – are not just selling their game and supplementary card packs, they’ve also recently restocked their socks with that Yarra Trams iconic pattern all over them.

Excuse me but these are truly modern Australian kitsch and I adore them.

melbourne tram socks
(Image: Touched On)

These bad ding-ding boys will set you back a tidy $17, which is probable heaps less than what you’d be putting on your myki every week anyway. And it’s definitely cheaper than somehow tracking down the fabric and reupholstering your whole lounge.

You can pick up your very own pair over on the Touched On game’s website, and while you’re there you may as well treat yourself to a copy of the game too. You’ve gotta entertain yourself for the next six weeks somehow, right?

Don’t worry about tapping on for your Melbourne sock commute, I’m pretty sure your kitchen is still in the free tram zone anyway.