Melbourne’s busiest hair salons have packed their bookings well into the next week, as the city’s frizziest residents rush to secure their first professional trim since Stage 4 coronavirus restrictions shuttered hairdressers at the start of August.

Barely a day after Premier Daniel Andrews‘ announcement that hairdressers can reopen for business, the online booking calendar for Melbourne’s Oscar Oscar salons appeared to fill out – before the online booking system seemed to go offline entirely.

Similarly, bookings at Biba locations across the city have been snapped up, while men’s cuts at King’s Domain barbershop in South Yarra have been secured until Friday afternoon.

Speaking to Nine News on Sunday, award-winning salon owner Joey Scandizzo said he had filled three weeks of bookings in the hours after Andrews’ big news.

Several salons contacted by PEDESTRIAN.TV on Monday said they were too busy to comment, with one barbershop in Camberwell saying clients were lining up outside the door.

Folks from all over the joint took to social media to celebrate the imminent demise of their lockdown hair, while some called for caution during Melbourne’s gradual pathway out of Stage 4 lockdowns.

From today, hairdressers and barbershops are permitted to operate while adhering to strict health and safety guidelines.

Hair care professionals have been asked to adhere to COVIDSafe practices, including the use of PPE, the provision of four square metres of floor space per client, and the sanitisation of work stations between jobs.

The move precedes the reopening of retail and personal care services – think beauty parlours – which is slated to occur on November 1.

It’s all very big news, and it’s an exciting time for salon staff who are keen to crack on in a safe environment – and the Melbourne punters who’ve endured not just extreme lockdown restrictions, but months of botched trim jobs executed in front of bathroom mirrors.

Not me, though. I told myself I’d grow my hair for as long as possible, and I’m too attached to its comedic value to give it up. Maybe I’ll reconsider when I have more of a reason to go outside and expose others to my presence, but for the time being, I’ll leave the hair cuts up to everyone else.

Image: Asanka Ratnayake / Getty Images