Meet Your New Instacrush

Produced in association with Myer.
If you’re in the market for new undergarments and new unrequited Instagram obsessions alike, consider each of those needs sated now that you’re in the presence of the two #instacrush-worthy new faces of One Tru Luv – a lingerie and sleepwear range launching exclusively at Myer right now – Sjana Earp and Kristina Mendonca.  
Even if you aren’t in the market for either of those things, congratulations, you’ve still come to a very chill place.
Shot, styled and made-up by the inimitable dream team of Byron Spencer, Nicki Colbran and Bradwyn Jones respectively, One Tru Love tasked the two in(st)spiring young women with the unenviable duty of cavorting in their underwear while looking totally at ease and channelling all those #blessed vibes that make each of their feeds worth a follow. 
Sjana, for a lifestyle that appears to largely involve undertaking various headstands in exotic locales; Kristina likewise, if only for an insight into what it must be like to receive legal tender in exchange for perpetually chasing summer.
Photos by Byron Spencer, supplied.