Meet The Person Who’ll Make You Rain Sweat At 2016’s Nike Training Club Tour

It’s a new year, which we all know is synonymous with a ~new you~. A fitter you, a faster you, a stronger you, a healthier you. A you who makes great choices. And if there’s a better way to accomplish those #fitspogoals than with your squad of besties, we don’t know about it. That’s why PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Nike for this year’s NTC Tour, a five-hour day of fitness that promises to be as intense as running a marathon. Today, we introduce Nike’s NTC Trainer, Phoebe Di Tommaso, who’ll be whipping you and your squad into shape. Register your #NTCSquadGoals HERE.

Meet Phoebe Di Tommaso, all-round babe and NTC Trainer for this year’s NTC Tour. Phoebe began working with Nike as a trainer for Nike She Runs in 2014, and this year, she’ll be whipping our squad (that’s code for a crew of four cool AF chicks who kill it online and in life, who you’ll meet soon) into shape, along with all of us. #Goals.
Before becoming a Nike Trainer, Phoebe’s life was still very much ~fitness focused~. A former elite figure skater, Phoebe says that when she stopped training for the sport, her training “evolved” from being specific to figure skating to “goals based more around general health and wellbeing” and she became “more focused on being the everyday athlete”.
As a Nike Trainer, Phoebe’s typical day is getting up before 6am, ~even without an alarm~ and either doing some early morning training with clients, or doing some early morning exercise, like going for a run or hitting the gym. After that, she’ll head back home to study for her degree in Business Management, before heading back out to train some more clients.
*Chariots of Fire plays*
We spoke to Phoebe about training and staying motivated, in order to best prepare ourselves for this year’s challenge.
When asked what the most important exercise someone who’s just starting a new fitness routine could get into, in order to improve their health and fitness, Phoebe exclaimed “ANYTHING!”
“Move one a day is my go-to [goal],” she shared, noting that you can start off pretty lowkey and then step it up a notch. 
“Go for a walk, progress it to a run, go to the gym, progress it to a class. Anything is better than nothing.” 
The Pedestrian NTC #Squad chills with Phoebe. From L – R: Chloe Chapman, Phoebe Di Tommaso, Brooke Hogan, Carissa Walford, and Caitlyn Paterson.
For keeping the motivation going, Phoebe’s advice was to choose exercise that you enjoy, and to set clear goals, rewarding yourself when you reach them.
“Even if you start with ‘exercise four times a week’ that’s a starting point. Make sure you reward yourself along the way, things like massages, new training shoes, new training tights are always a perfect motivator.”
Describing the NTC Tour as “the biggest endorphin rush EVER,” Phoebe says that she’s “excited to watch the girls’ journey” as they train for the big day, because “the whole experience last year was amazing.”
We’ll be covering the whole NTC Tour this year, so stay tuned for more features and excitement leading up to the event. If you and your squad haven’t signed up yet, you can register HERE.