Ovaries Explode As We Are Kindred Roll Out Matchy Adult / Kid Dresses At MBFWA

MBFWA 2018 is in full swing, and while this is already day 3 – it’s really just starting to ramp up. This morning, the fashion set rolled into Carriageworks to hit up the We Are Kindred show. The brand, formed by sister duo Lizzie and Georgie Renkert, is well known for it’s hyper-feminine shapes and patterns – think the exact dresses you’d want to be wearing while on an aesthetically pleasing candid shoot in a woodland forest.

Naturally, their Resort 19 collection was full of pieces my 70’s cult-loving self frothed over real hard, but the absolute cutest element was the teeny kids fashion that mimicked the same designs as the adult collection.

Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images

CAN YOU EVEN. I need to immediately give birth to a child just so I can force them to match me in these exact outfits.

Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images

Ridiculous. My ovaries hurt.

The designers came out at the end, also accompanied by an adorable cherub.

Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images


No word yet on if these kids designs will be available to buy – the brand doesn’t do children’s wear currently so this would be a new foray. Which I, for one, welcome. Here’s to the entire Australian Insta-Mum set matching with their kids from here on out, am I right?